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Founded by FPT Corporation in 2016 - FPT.Ai provides a comprehensive artificial intelligence platform and integrated AI solutions for businesses to innovate and optimize efficiency for process automation and operate the mode between man and machine.

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Key Visual

In parallel with the logo and colors, the below elements will form a complete identity for FPT AI.

  • (1) Blocks
  • (2) Transparent background image (people, technology, etc.)
  • (3) Typography (gradient)
  • (4) Customed Icon

Instead of just one element, the identification system of FPT AI is a harmonious combination of all the above components. This combination will increase brand recognition as well as flexibility in handling layout. At the same time, using a variety of shapes with multiple meanings will avoid the boring repetition of key visuals - a problem that many brand guidelines are facing today.

2 3 4

The Harmony

It's not just a machine-human relationship

Website layout


Case Study
tech to speech

FPT.AI updates chatbot building platform with many advanced features

by Hoang Nguyen14.07.2019

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