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The Beau Agency invites young talent to experience with us on the path of building influence.

We create a young, open school; All ideas are welcome and exchanged; Test, develop and perfect yourself through each mistake and failure.

Our Core Values

Empathy Empathy

is the most important core value that governs everything that we do from our daily practice to our long-term strategy. Thriving for rich human understanding by putting ourselves in customer's shoes does not only allow us to develop a suitable technology and digital experience to solve their problems but also empowers us to create a strong and meaningful human connection."

Strategic Mindset Strategic Mindset

is the key component in our value creation framework here at Beau Agency. Comprehensive project blueprint with well-prepaired planning at every steps and actions, will bring everyone to the same level of understanding, guide us through obstacles in the journey of helping business to achive their goals, while delivering value to the end-users.

Innovation Innovation

is the combination of progressive thinking and the determination to change for the better. It requires the strong personal drive to detach from the satisfaction with what already done and ask the important question of what could be better and continue moving forward in the journey of change.

If this is the environment you are always looking for, do not hesitate to join the Beau Agency team and work on challenging but equally exciting digital experience strategy development projects!

we seek

Vacancies at Beau Agency will be updated regularly. Feel free to send CV to us so that Beau and you find each other!

11/05/2021 (opening)

Business Analyst

Together we plan and implement business strategy

11/05/2021 (opening)

UI/UX Designers

Join us on exciting and challenging projects in a professional environment

20/10/2020 (expired)

Marketing Executive

Together we convey value to everyone

20/10/2020 (expired)

PHP developer

The opportunity to practice and develop your coding skills to the next level

20/10/2020 (expired)

Account Executive

Recognize opportunities and turn leads into long-lasting partnerships



Apply to the position you want

The positions that we look for will be updated regularly at If the position you want to try is open, please send CV with your resume/portfolio to us via email and remember to write “Name & Position” in the email title

Live interview

Once your resume has been carefully reviewed by our team, an appointment will be scheduled with the best time for both you and the Beau Agency team. can understand more about the people, thoughts, and personality of a future teammate. We can also share and answer your questions about Beau Agency's work, life style and future direction.

Evaluation and Decision

We always evaluate potential candidates based on two independent factors. The first is your qualifications and professional skills at the Beau Agency

However, to us, the most important factor than experience or expertise is whether the candidate represents the culture and values ​​that Beau Agency values. Because we understand that the bus will not go far if the passengers do not share a common value. The most suitable candidate through the research and interview process will be notified by us via email and welcome you to officially become a member of the Beau Agency family!

Beau Team