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The very first SLA Management Solution in Vietnam

  • ClientFPT Software

  • durationFrom 6/2021
    to 12/2022

  • ServicesUX Strategy
    UI/UX Renewal
    Brand Identity
    Visual design

  • deliverableWebsite Design
    Mobile Design
    Brand Identity
    Visual design

Project Background

The term SLA has been known in Vietnam for a while, but akaBot is the first enterprise who applies the SLA model and put TimeKeeper into practice in the domestic market.


Timekeeper's mission is to help businesses create the best experiences and delight customers

  • Management

    Tools to help evaluate and control service quality

  • Empowerment

    Empowering coordination and providing an overall view for managers

  • Productivity

    Encourage employee productivity and service improvement

  • Innovation

    Pioneering the application of new technology in management & working processes

Pioneering in the operating model, the target audience is clearly defined, and TimeKeeper's problem now is how to adapt to Vietnamese market while the product is still in the process of developing and optimizing

Brand voice

Brand tone of voice is what the brand will need to show through media channels, which can be roughly understood as the brand's communication tone. Each person with his unique personality will exude that personality in different ways, of which the most important are manners, gestures, manner of speaking,...

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Empowering your perfect customer service & unlocking the productivity matter


Through the whole project, Beau Agency and akaBot have defined that the new website's goal is attracting the target audience - decision maker - at banks and financial corporations. Therefore, the website structure must have the necessary content to bring valuable information to this target group.

Project results

With the moodboard imbued with the spirit of Innovation, Intelligence and Professionalism, Beau Agency has developed a design concept that fully conveys these characteristics. TimeKeeper's new interface brings a youthful and fresh spirit, but is still mature and professional, matching the style of an expert providing solutions for large businesses

Mobile addaption

The mobile interface is optimized for display, providing a seamless and consistent experience for users regardless of different screen sizes.