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    Tầng 5, 33 Giang Văn Minh, Kim Mã, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

- Effortless beauty

With the core values ​​of harmony between fashion and lifestyle, DOAN's goal is to affirm the individuality, not in difference but in particular, does not bring the trend but to exist unchanging between the flow of trends. The Beau Agency team has helped to visualize this brand story, conveying the spirit of DOAN to every editorial designs. What we aim to do is to be impressed not only in the eyes of the customers but in their perception of the product. It is derived from the delicate and meticulous lines of the brand logo, to the pastel neutral color that brings the soft, pure feelings but yet give an expensive highlight.

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    DOAN fashion
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  • Service Branding
    Editorial Layout

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