Web Design & Development

Website is the intersection point between the Enterprise and their Customers. With our design thinking method, we provide our customers with an optimized user-friendly experience in order to increase the efficiency of digital products.

We offer our customers the best experience of:

  • Research
  • Strategic consulting
  • Structure optimization
  • User-experience enhancement
  • Capability increase


  • Explore the Project scope

    Requirement analysis.

    Survey about the current status and digital model of the business. Market research, competitors, user psychology analysis.

  • Analyze and strategize

    Based on the tracking data of the system, we stands in the role of the customer to determine the usability. The goal is to increase the satisfaction of the customer and the business itself.

    Propose the suitable digital strategy.

  • Restructure

    To navigate the customers to advance user experience, information and functions of the system should be restructured and optimized. The outputs of this step are the sitemap, navigator based on userflows.

  • Design & Developing

    Based on the brand identity, our design team will build up a concept via wireframe and style guide. The style guide must be standardized to make it easier for later development. Then the management and other specific functions will be developed.

  • Implement & Support

    Transmit the system and the user manual to client in a test environment and online environment.

  • Testing and evalutation

    Based on statistical tools as well as user surveys we can evaluate the usability and effectiveness of the product.

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