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Family Art Space

Wonder is the wonderful feeling that comes from cherishing moments in our lives when we can see or feel the beauty and kindness in every light touch or every note. That feeling is almost like a "wow" moment but deeper, more meaningful and more individual. Core values: Connecting- Learning - Creativity - Entertaining (plus empathy, relaxation, insight, community engagement). Creativity: creative and artistic experience. Learning: practical education. Entertaining: relaxing and entertaining space. Connecting: encouraging engagement and understanding. Brand Goal: The first brand in mind when customers think of a space for their whole family, especially for their children to explore the art. Target customers: Family with 0-10-year-old children who has the ability to appreciate art and community engagement. They may be interested in some social issues (eg. equality, environment...). Differences from the Wonder: The first and only creative art space for the whole family (instead of being just for kids or teenagers). We not only use design materials, but we also send all our love for music and children in this design. It is not a brand story but as simple as the soul of a child, as plain as classical music notes. That's the story of Wonder.


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    10.04 - 15.05.2018
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    Editorial Layout

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